624760 РФ, Свердловской обл, г.Верхняя Салда, Промышленная 5
ОГРН 1036600360466
ИНН 6607003596
Вакуумные насосы







Limited liability company "Splav" – Research – Production

  The Russian Federation 624760,

Verkhnyaya Salda,

Sverdlovsk region,

INN  (Tax Number) 6607003596

e-mail: vасuumsplаv@yаndex.ru



Dear Sir/Madam,

 Our company has been working in the field of vacuum technology and technology for more than 40 years. During this time, considerable practical and theoretical experience has been gained in our field of work. Various options for joint working and co production are proposed below, which have the following prerequisites from our side:


1. Infrastructure. We have a production complex with an area of 400 m2, which have industrial facilities which include 2 overflights equipped with 2-ton lifts. Further information is available on this link: http://vасuumsplаv.ru/splаv-iznutri-i-snаruzhi


1.1. Temperature Control. The plant has the capability to create a specific microclimate by the adjustable temperature system with "heated flooring".


1.2.  There is a slipway test mounting stand on which there is possibility for production-driven assembly and test complex vacuum systems. Available as a modular or a standalone unit, dependant on the required size. There is a possibility to carry out assembly and testing of vacum equipment.


1.3. We have ownership of the balancing machine VM-1000, with the ability of fine balancing rotors ground (1000 kg).


1.4. Possibility to rent any of the available engineering machines, which are located in the immediate vacinity of the area.


1.5. Opportunity to purchase the property with the lease of our machinery or joint production, with the opportunity to learn the production processes with the use of know-how knowledge.


1.6. Opportunity to purchase or rent the industrial production site of up to 2000 m2 in the vicinity of the existing plant. This industrial complex includes production facilities, administrative buildings and garage space. All facilities are equipped with adequate infrastructure and trasportation links.


2. Staff. The available positions for employment include mechanics, electricians, engineers, technologists and designers. There is a possibility to work with professionals, where learning is regarded as being highly important. These specialists are employed on a temporary and permanent basis with highly qualified enterprises, located in close vicinity of the area.


We propose to jointly organise working practices in the following areas:


3. Service center warranty and post-warranty service for your machinery.


4. Joint production - assembly, manufacture of parts for your equipment and exploration.


5. The consigned storage of your equipment


You can find the vacuum system designed, manufactured, mounted and run by one of our enterprises in Ekaterinburg on the link: http://vасuumsplаv.ru/vасuumniesistemi


Kind Regards,


The director, A. O. Smetanin.


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624760 РФ, Свердловской обл, г.Верхняя Салда, Промышленная 5
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